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What One Skill Is Holding You Back From Being Rich?

What One Skill Is Holding You Back from Being Rich?

No really, do you have any idea, have you even thought about it?  I didn’t until…

A few years back, I remember reading one of Rich Dad’s author Robert Kiyosaki book, and in it he writes that most people are one skill away from being rich!  Up to that point, I never really thought about getting rich as a set of skills.  Up to that point, I thought that you were either born rich or you had connections that pulled you up into the wealth strata…

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What Skill are You missing?

I think my largest deficiency is my lack of organization skills.  It’s one of those subtle skills in the fact that if it’s missed, many times you don’t even realize your missed something.  A close second would be the way I communicate with people.  I’m more logic based than conversational, so I like to get to the point quickly and get the small talk out of the way.  Another term for the lack of communication skills would be people skills…  I can always get more organized, but becoming more of a people person will require some work and effort on my part.

 Don’t Accept Your Limiting Skill

Some people think that these skills can’t be developed and it is what it is…  But I don’t think so!  After all, if we all took that approach, many of the things we accomplished as children wouldn’t be possible today (Walking, writing, reading, riding a bike… you get the idea).  It’s just a matter of identifying your weakness and then attack it will all the wisdom you’ve built up over the years.

In many ways, conquering your missing skill is much like dieting, each day if you stick to it, slowly you’ll become better and better at it until one day you are thin or the lacking skill is no longer a weakness.

What is your weakest skill?


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