Learning to Manage Money

Get Rich On A Middle Class Income

Hi all! Yes it is possible to get rich on a middle class income, but it’s not easy.  I have to admit, even while typing this title, even I started to get dubious about the chances of such an  ambitious goal. So why am I typing  this article if I question it myself?  Because I… Continue Reading

When A Millionaire Is Not Rich

According to my calculations, I’m a millionaire! Hurray for me, are you excited for me because I’m rich?  Don’t be, because I’m not really rich…  actually far from it still. While I have a paper net worth over 1 million dollars, I’m still just normal middle class guy.  Think I’m nuts, here’s why I’m a… Continue Reading

Why You Should Invest for Your Child

Why Invest for Your Child! I recently heard an argument that investing for a young child is a horrible thing to do!  At one time in history, this may have made a lot of sense, but that was before the internet and those are what I consider old thoughts.  Still earning your own way and… Continue Reading