Learning to Manage Money

Growing Money is More Than Math

While basic computational skills are nice to have, growing money is more than math!

Don’t get me wrong, my spreadsheet is my best friend on my journey to acquiring wealth, but it take more than that!  After all, how many rich robots or calculators do you know?  I believe that it takes a lot of other skills to really make it big, other than just being a math genius.  Oh sure, it’s possible to plot a path to wealth using math, and it’s obtainable as long as the figures are conservative and take into account speed bumps on the way to wealth.

Getting Wealth

What Skills are Needed In Addition To Money Math Skills?

  • A large amount of desperation!  People that are desperate and determined to make it have a much better chance of making it than those that just go through the motions.
  • The ability to communicate well.  Not necessarily grammar wise, just getting out there and talking, making connections.
  • A bit a Arrogance; how can you expect to be great if you don’t think you are great already?  And if you don’t think you are great, then why are you trying?  Me?  I’m a Mastermind! lol (or maybe Mauhaha?)
  •  Never letting defeat or failure deter you on your path to wealth!  Life is just an experiment, some time an reaction happens, and other times it’s a dud…
  • No fear of failure!  If you are afraid of trying things because you may fail, you’re already failed at the task of growing rich.  The most successful people I know have no fear of failure!
  • Patience!  If you make a decision to do something, stick to it.  I know plenty of people that start something, but then get discouraged because it doesn’t grow quick enough, or they invest in a stock and it doesn’t increase 100% in a month.

Winning is more than math.



5 Responses to Growing Money is More Than Math

  1. Taking risks is part of the game. You have to persevere because your strength will be tested to it’s maximum and then you will see your full potential. Be great. Be awesome.