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Am I Foolish For Trying To Become Rich?

I’ve made the sacrifices and invested my money from hard work.  I’m constantly in a state of trying to grow wealthy, but after some hard thinking and talking to some folks that aren’t on my quest to become rich, I have to wonder if I’m making a mistake and even worse, am I a bit foolish to try to become rich?

Afraid of Success

I’ve already revealed that my net worth is greater than a millionaire in the article called “When a Millionaire is not Rich“, but being a millionaire doesn’t mean I’m truly rich so I’m still struggling and still running in the rat race.  I’ve recently considered the last 10 years, and now I’m starting to question my actions and logic trying to become part of the “wealthy” class.  Perhaps it’s not worth it, here’s why:

  • I’ve noticed that people who aren’t on my wealth quest seem to be much happier in the here and now, instead of making the sacrifices that I’m making trying to rise to a higher wealth class.
  • If you are enjoying life more when you are young, perhaps that money is better well spent than if you squirrel it away trying to grow wealth.  The range of things you can do when you are in your twenties is much greater than when you become older and those same options are no longer available.
  • The US government takes care of those that don’t take care of themselves, or at least the government helps quite a bit versus many other countries.  The trick is you have to know where to look, or know a friend who knows where to look.
  • With robotics and automation, perhaps money won’t be a valuable in the future or even exist.  Perhaps through automation, we’ll all be rich to a degree.  If we have robots do all the work, aren’t we all kings and queens?  What if every person had their own personal robotic units to tend to them and do whatever is requested?
  • With the rise of socialization (not socialism), life is getting better all the time.  Just think when a friend texts you, you find it rewarding, no?  Other than smart devices, isn’t socialization and friends what is really important in life?  Nobody wants to become a rich hermit that leaves all their money to charity, they really don’t… not really…
  • What if you get sick, very sick and aren’t even able to enjoy the wealth you ganied?  Now that would be a sad, sad journey… you sacrifice decades of your life, and BAM you are practically dead or really dead…  Someone considering your story would really believe you were a foolish person.
  • Things will continue to keep becoming cheaper.  Smart devices, food (thru robotic workers) and practically everything can continue to become more cheap as automation and robots dominate the future labor requirements (notice I didn’t say markets, because labor markets wouldn’t exist because there is no trading of services).  Things might even become free, and we develop a society where no human labor sources are required.  Sadly,, if this comes to be, most of us will probably be living in some type of virtual reality with robotmates and algorithms made to create false reality that we will all be hooked into, where we are all kings and queens in our dream like world.

Am I stretching it too much here?  Maybe…  But what if you take the next 20, 30 or 40 years to accumulate wealth, then you find one day that your hard-earned wealth is just paper or metal money and electronic bits in a network of servers and is no longer needed.  If you can’t trade your accumulated wealth for things, then it has no value and would be considered obsolete.

So in conclusion, I’m starting to think maybe my journey to accumulate wealth is really a foolish journey?  I’ll probably stay on my current wealth path, but I’m starting to question if it’s worth it, considering the sacrifices that I’ve made to get where I’m at.

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