Learning to Manage Money

Focusing on Learning The Stock Market

Okay, all the financial pundits are saying the “dumb” money is rushing into the stock market, but is that the real reason for the latest rally?

Let’s take a look at what is currently going on…

The housing market is rising again!  Yep, the bottom was established and now houses are selling at a decent pace once again.  This means that banks should be recovering nicely too.  etc…

The highs in the stock market are just now trying to surpass the levels established in 2007.  That’s a long time to be down!  I think we are due…

Stocks are a great inflation hedge.  As inflation rears it’s ugly head (when it eventually does in the future), stocks should rise too.  Although, that’s not guaranteed.

Oh sure, we’ll probably have a small correction sometime this year too, but I’m hoping that this year turns out to be a rising year in the stock market.

While nobody knows for sure, and you’ll hear plenty of “talking heads” telling  you this and that on the market, only time will tell.

Now with the formality of my view of the stock market, let’s get on which what I’m going to do with this site…

For the time being, I’m going to start with a hypothetical 10k portfolio that participial matches my real investments.

Why Hypothetical 10k?  Because I really have a different amount than that in investments, and 10k makes it easier to track performance.

I’m planning on using this website as an instrument to try new techniques and stock market theories on investing.  So basically, this site is now a learning tool for me!


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