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Advice For Career Advancement From The Streets

Sometimes the best lessons in life includes learning the ways not to be.

The following is from a friend that wanted to get his story published…

Life is full of people with dark, negative outlooks! These are the people to avoid in the world, no good can come for associating with them!

In my past, there have been times when a person would get in my path and draw a line in the sand, daring me to cross it (not literally of course).  And sure enough, I would cross that line without thinking twice.  You want to battle me?  “I’m your huckleberry“…  That was then, what did it gain me?  People that know me though I was tough or worse.  But what good is it to being thought of as tough in this modern, sue-happy age?  Most people would avoid me knowing that I was quick to anger and easy to trigger off.  And for a good part of my life, they were wise to do so, at least the smart ones were.

Being tough in the modern society, especially as you go up the food chain in US society can have detrimental consequences.  Today’s battles are fought in the courtroom, not behind the bars in your local neighborhoods.  Fight club, while a great movie and had some good minimalist messages, is not the personality that you want to emulate at the workplace!  Once, at work, I saw a smart peer just smile as they were verbally assaulted by another, not saying a hostile word and speaking rationally with a calm assurance in their tone.

After 5 or 10 years, guess who is now a vice president and guess who isn’t?  Yep, the individual that kept his cool while the other worker rage on like a lunatic, is now a VP.  Both of the men were about equal in intelligence, but now the one that was cool and under control is a big wig, while the other (whom others started saying lacked people skills) is still at the same position that he has always been at.  If I were that VP, the person verbally assaulting me would regret it, or perhaps the person would be smart enough not to even think of challenging me.  But again, I’m didn’t become a VP. So in today’s society, keep your demeanor calm, but still stick to your guns about your ideas!

If you can do that, you will be the one that gets ahead. Be sociable and friendly with everybody, you never know from what source you are going to learn something that can get you ahead in life, or who will speak well of you.  What does this article have to do with finances, you might be wondering?  Everything!  Your career is an important part of your finances and if you can establish cool headed individual in the workplace, or at least be thought of as a focused smart employee, you will develop faster and go further than your peers.



Hi, this is Jester, and I just wanted to say that this is a guest post from a reader named Hyde who said that he doesn’t have a blog site yet, but that he’s been drinking milk and eating spinach and so will get to it eventually. I’d personally like to say thank Hyde!  With that said, I don’t recommend his advice in any way shape or form. Are there reader that want to guest post on this site? Send an email to me in the address in the Contact menu above. I’d be glad to include your post to this site if your material is original and well written with a good message about finances.




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